Berthoud Pass CDT Trail Improvements with CDTC and Colorado Native

Headwaters Trail Alliance is partnering with The Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) and Colorado Native Brewing Co. to provide this project for Volunteers. Volunteers will primarily assist with trail maintenance including clearing trail, widening tread and clearing or building drainage structures. There also may be opportunities to install signage or rock cairns. This Project will include moderate hiking at high elevation, and is open to ALL Brew Crew members, but may be suitable for individuals with some previous outdoor experience. Accommodations can be made to suit participants of any skill level. Please contact CDTC with any questions. Volunteers are asked to arrive Friday the 11th evening for Dinner/Introductions and a campfire with CDTC, HTA and AC Golden Brewery (campfires will not be permitted during a burn ban), then there will be one work day for this project on the 12th. Optional camping will be available Saturday evening for participants who would like to stay on their own. This project will accommodate 15-20 Volunteers.
Elevation: 12,454 ft
Hiking Distance: 1-4 miles

August 11-12, 2017
*This project is exclusively open to Colorado Native Brew Crew Members-the Official Adopters of the CDT from Herman Gulch to Berthoud Pass. Not a Brew Crew Member but interested in joining? Go online for more info: *