Avoid the Crowds by Visiting These 15 Beautiful National Parks

"While the country’s least-visited parks can take a bit more planning to reach, they offer incredible experiences to all those who make the trek." -Talia Avakian, Travel+Leisure

Avakian, T. (2020, May 11). The 15 Least-visited National Parks Have All the Beauty, and None of the Crowds. Travel+Leisure. Retrieved From

Want to visit the National Parks, but avoid the crowds? Well, this article has all of the answers. The growing popularity of outdoor recreation and sightseeing in recent years has lead to the overcrowding of many of America's National Parks including our local Rocky Mountain which registered over 4.5 million visitors last year alone. Each park has its own draw and uniqueness that attract visitors, but some are far less popular than others. A Park's lack popularity by no means indicates that it is not worth a visit, actually quite the contrary. The National Parks with the lowest visitation numbers are often the most rewarding. The article posted above goes in depth on the least visited National Parks, how to see them, and why they are worth a visit. Definitely something to consider in an age where the popularity of Parks and a global pandemic are dictating visitation through reservation systems and travel restrictions.