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Colorado Leads Charge for Dark Sky Protections 01-17-2021

"The dark-sky zones that southwestern Colorado leaders are proposing would, all combined, cover more than 3,800 square miles — the largest official area protected from artificial light on the ... Learn More >

It’s Not the First Time that People Have Escaped to the Outdoors During a Pandemic 01-11-2021

"It was kind of a new thing for a lot of city dwellers to get up in the national forest. Recreation in the national forest was kind of a new phenomenon." -Jeffer Wingate, San Isabel National ... Learn More >

Outdoor Recreation Boom of 2020 May Lead to More Reservations in the Future 01-09-2021

"Perhaps 2020 was an anomaly, some think. Amid the pandemic, with bars and restaurants and theaters and other city diversions unavailable, and with many Coloradans out of work, the mountains became ... Learn More >

People are Buying Nordic Skis like Never Before 01-03-2021

"The coronavirus pandemic has created conditions in which people suddenly realize the appeal of being outside in the forest, on a solitary groomed trail, getting a phenomenal workout while enjoying ... Learn More >

The Philosophy Behind Colorado’s Tragic Early-Season Avalanches 12-29-2020

"We go out in March and ski an avalanche path. It doesn’t avalanche. We’re positively rewarded all month. Then we head out the following December and it slides, possibly with lethal outcomes. ... Learn More >

Nordic Ski Season has Begun 11-27-2020

"Sometimes we have enough snow in October and sometimes, like this year, it is almost Thanksgiving until we get sufficient snow to pack." -Diana Lynn Rau, Sky-Hi NewsLynn Rau, D. (2020, November ... Learn More >