Camping Begins to Re-Open in Colorado

“We know Coloradans have been anxious to get back to extended stays in our beautiful state parks, but it’s important to be able to open camping safely.” -Gov. Jared Polis

Staff, W. (2020, May 11). Colorado to begin reopening state campgrounds Tuesday. SkyHiDailyNews. Retrieved from

Since the middle of March, it seems as if our lives have changed dramatically. The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced the closure of pretty much everything we knew as part of our everyday lives. This includes recreation. We have lost access to recreational activities, facilities, and even access to some of our favorite trails. Understandably so, camping was one of the first activities to go. Well, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for recreation enthusiasts. Colorado has authorized the re-opening of state campgrounds as soon as this week. Re-opening procedures for each campground will be based on the public health orders of their respective counties. Campground facilities will most likely be extremely limited at the very start, but at least we are taking steps in the right direction. Before heading out to your favorite campground, make sure that you check the status of the camping area. With limited camping resources being open, make sure that you pack and prepare appropriately for your stay. Please stock-up and fuel your vehicle in your local community before hitting the road.