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Trail Filter Features - What Are They and What is the Purpose? 04-13-2022

“A trail filter, sometimes referred to as a gateway or qualifier, is a high-skill-level, low-consequence obstacle that demonstrates the difficulty of the upcoming trail or trail feature.” -Matt ... Learn More >

Expanding Recreation and Wildlife Impacts: Where do we Draw the Line? 04-06-2022

“(That’s) why wildlife disappears. What takes courage, conviction and forward-thinking vision is consciously choosing not to blaze a trail out of respect for animals that have limited home ... Learn More >

Bike Crashes are on the Rise and E-Bikes are Partly to Blame 03-31-2022

"Pitkin County Open Space and Trails rangers have reported 110 bike and e-bike crashes on OST properties since 2016. Twenty-six of those involved e-bikes, according to an analysis by Aspen ... Learn More >

Increased Trail Congestion Largely Due to Locals, Not Visitors 03-30-2022

"In 2020, permanent trail counters were installed and the data collected shows that use by residents has increased while visitation from nonlocals has decreased, according to Matt Wagoner, Basin Rec ... Learn More >

Dispersed Camping and Overcrowding Taking its Toll on Public Lands 02-15-2022

"Local public lands volunteer groups documented more than 2,800 dispersed camping sites that generated more than a ton and a half of garbage, the report found. More than 550 sites were contaminated ... Learn More >

Conservation-Based Non-Profits are Critical to the Preservation of our Public Lands 12-31-2021

"The US Forest Service (USFS) just couldn’t keep up with the ever-increasing demand, so in 2017, CBMBA stepped in beyond bikes. After officially adding “conservation” to their mandate, an ... Learn More >