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Increased Trail Congestion Largely Due to Locals, Not Visitors 03-30-2022

"In 2020, permanent trail counters were installed and the data collected shows that use by residents has increased while visitation from nonlocals has decreased, according to Matt Wagoner, Basin Rec ... Learn More >

Dispersed Camping and Overcrowding Taking its Toll on Public Lands 02-15-2022

"Local public lands volunteer groups documented more than 2,800 dispersed camping sites that generated more than a ton and a half of garbage, the report found. More than 550 sites were contaminated ... Learn More >

Conservation-Based Non-Profits are Critical to the Preservation of our Public Lands 12-31-2021

"The US Forest Service (USFS) just couldn’t keep up with the ever-increasing demand, so in 2017, CBMBA stepped in beyond bikes. After officially adding “conservation” to their mandate, an ... Learn More >

Colorado Ranch is Transforming the Concept of Environmental Ranching 12-09-2021

"From getting the folks at Audubon to certify the ranch as bird-friendly, to selling carbon sequestration credits for the tall grass, the May Ranch near Lamar is modernizing stewardship." -Michael ... Learn More >

Colorado Wildfire Investigation Falls Behind All Other Western States 12-02-2021

"Investigators determined what created the initial spark in fewer than half of the large, human-caused fires in Colorado between 2000 and 2018 — the worst rate of any western state... At every ... Learn More >

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Trails 04-06-2021

"The impact of the pandemic on trails has, we know, affected funding, volunteer hours, projects, income, maintenance and so much more." -Galeo Saintz, World Trails NetworkSaintz, G. (2021, March ... Learn More >