East Troublesome Fire Like Nothing We've Ever Seen

"Within two hours, the East Troublesome blaze had turned from a docile foe into an unstoppable force, prompting evacuations over an area so large that authorities thought it would take hours to get everyone out. They had about 90 minutes." -Jesse Paul, The Colorado Sun

Paul, J. (2020, November 2). “Worse than anything you could have imagined”: How the East Troublesome fire became so destructive. The Colorado Sun. Retrieved From

On Wednesday November 21st, the East Troublesome Fire exploded into one of the most destructive wildfires in state history in a manner of a few hours. Burning in thickly forested, pine beetle ravaged lands, the fire blew up from 20,000 acres to over 125,000 overnight. At it's height it was burning at 6,000 acres per hour and 100,000 acres overnight is almost completely unheard-of. Not much was spared in it's path as it worked its way east towards Grand Lake. Over 300 homes were damaged or destroyed as the powerful blaze moved 17 miles in just 90 minutes. Fire managers in the area described the historic run as something they have never seen before. Local authorities, fires departments, and first responders had very little time to evacuate hundreds of people from their homes as the fire was bearing down on the neighborhoods north and west of Grand Lake. Tagged in the link above is an amazing read detailing the events that developed throughout the night. The Colorado Sun goes above and beyond to gather information from the source, interviewing 12 first responders that were on scene that night. The article expands on every facet of the night and paints a grim picture of how destructive the East Troublesome became in just a few short hours.