It's Not the First Time that People Have Escaped to the Outdoors During a Pandemic

"It was kind of a new thing for a lot of city dwellers to get up in the national forest. Recreation in the national forest was kind of a new phenomenon." -Jeffer Wingate, San Isabel National Forest

Boster, S. (2021, January 5). Colorado's 'pioneer campers' mobilized during last pandemic — and modern recreation took off. OutThereColorado. Retrieved From

Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic over a year ago, people have been surging to the outdoors in record numbers. Outdoor recreation and camping has become the ultimate recourse from the current situation where much of the country is staying home. By taking a look back in the history books, we could have predicted this unprecedented surge in outdoor recreation. During the last major pandemic between 1918 and 1920, urban America rushed to the outdoors overrunning the National Forests which were a fairly new concept at the time. They found the ultimate remedy in hunting, fishing, and family gatherings on public lands. In the mountains west of Pueblo, Colorado, this surge to the forest was revolutionizing the idea of car camping and the modern idea of campgrounds were established to help protect the area resources. Fast forward about 100 years and we are seeing very similar trends. If history can teach us anything in this scenario, its that whatever the world throws at us, we can always find well-being and prosperity in nature.