People are Buying Nordic Skis like Never Before

"The coronavirus pandemic has created conditions in which people suddenly realize the appeal of being outside in the forest, on a solitary groomed trail, getting a phenomenal workout while enjoying the snowy winter weather. All of a sudden, everything about cross-country skiing is exactly what we want and crave." -Katherine Martinko, Treehugger Magazine

Martinko, K. (2020, December 22). Nordic Skis Are the New Toilet Paper. Treehugger Magazine. Retrieved From

Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic more than a year ago, sports in the outdoor industry have been booming with a new wave of popularity. First people bought all the toilet paper, but not long after they were buying all the bikes, skis, snowboards, hiking boots, kayaks, you name it! In this unusual time where people are stuck at home more often, folks are finding themselves in the outdoors time and time again. It started with bikes over the summer. Most stores and websites were completely sold out and if you were lucky enough to find a new bike, you were put on a 3 month waiting list. The used market was the only option for most, but even then bikes would sell rapidly. This was the case across the board with almost any outdoor activity you could imagine. Now its happening again, only with Nordic Skis. Nordic or Cross-Country Skiing, is one of the fastest growing winter sports. More and more people are finding their way into the outdoors during this ongoing pandemic and Nordic skiing has become the new hot ticket item.