Rattlesnake Season Gives Us Yet Another Reason to Stay on the Trail

"You might see them on trails, most likely stretched across the trail to soak up warmth. It's likely they're in grasses and other vegetation beside a trail, a good reason to stay on the beaten path." -Wilson Breese, 9News

Breese, W. (2020, April 24). Rattlesnake season is here in Colorado; what you need to know. Denver 9News. Retrieved From

Rattlesnake season has arrived in Colorado. After a long winter of hibernation, these venomous creatures emerge from their dens in April with the arrival of warmer temperatures. By the time May rolls around, rattlesnakes are out of their dens almost full time. Contrary to popular belief, these creatures are more afraid of us than we are of them, but will strike if they feel threatened. If ready to attack, the rattlesnake will give a few noticeable warning signs. Listen for the signature sound of their tail rattling or coiled body if seen. Either of these signs indicates that the snake is agitated and you should back away slowly. Taking this into consideration, now it is more important than ever to stay on the trail. Keeping to the beaten path minimizes your risk of encountering rattlesnakes and protects us and them from danger.