Rocky Mountain National Park Unlikely to Require Reservations this Summer

“We will learn from the temporary timed entry permit system last year and incorporate lessons learned as we move forward with our visitor use management planning efforts." -Kyle Patterson, Rocky Mountain National Park

Golden, A. (2021, Januray 21). Rocky unlikely to use permit system this summer. SkyHiNews. Retrieved From

In the last year, the word "reservation" has been used in almost any sense of leaving the house. With the grasp COVID has had on society, almost everything required a reservation from restaurants, to skiing, and almost everything in between. You even needed a reservation with a timed entry to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A spokesperson from Rocky Mountain announced this week that they do not anticipate having to implement the same timed entry reservation system this summer. Of course a lot could change by May, but as of right now things are looking up. Keep your fingers crossed as we are hopefully seeing the end of what has been a trying year on outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.