These Colorado Hikes Are Anything But a Walk in the Woods

"In 2014, the outdoor recreation publication released their unranked list featuring hikes around the globe, including the hike to the Longs Peak summit, highlighting the dangers of the Keyhole route, and the Maroon Bells hike up the south ridge." -Spencer McKee, Out There Colorado

Mckee, S. (2021, March 26). Two Colorado hikes listed among most dangerous in world. Out There Colorado. Retrieved From

Not all hikes in Colorado are a simple as strolling through the woods at a nice leisurely pace. In fact, Colorado has two hikes that are ranked in the World's most dangerous. At 14.5 miles, the Keyhole Route on Long's Peak poses numerous, consistent hazards and claims lives of those attempting it almost every year. This is in part due to the popularity of the hike amongst inexperienced users, but the consistent exposure, technical scrambling, rapidly changing weather conditions, and level of commitment are nothing to scoff at. At 12 miles, the South Ridge Route up Maroon Peak is equally as dangerous. Not only is this route long and exposed, but it is also known for being notoriously brittle. The severely unstable mudstone that makes up the Maroon Bells can break off at anytime without warning, posing extreme fall risk or sending rocks cascading on unsuspecting hikers below. It is important to consider that there are many hikes in Colorado that are likely far more dangerous than these two and acute awareness needs to be exercised at all times. Before embarking on any hikes this summer, make sure you have performed your research, go prepared with plenty of food, water, and supplies, and be ready to turn around at anytime if conditions change or it is past your comfort level.