Want to Get into Backcountry Skiing... Now Is Not the Time.

"With resorts closed because of COVID-19, an unprecedented number of skiers are swapping their downhill gear for an alpine touring setup. And that's a problem." -Adam Roy, Backpacker Magazine

Roy, A. (2020, March 25). Backcountry Skiing Isn't the Brilliant Idea You Think It Is Right Now. Backpacker Magazine. Retrieved From

A great read on the increase of backcountry skiing in the midst of the COVID Crisis. With the closure of Colorado ski resorts and the quality of our high alpine snowpack, many have traded their inbounds set-ups for backcountry set-ups. Although outdoor activities are still encouraged, crowding at trailheads and engaging in high-risk activities are not. Backcountry skiing puts search and rescue teams at risk and stresses out our already impacted health care systems. This is especially an issue in our neck of the woods on Berthoud Pass. Before you head out to the backcountry, please think twice and consider the impacts of your decisions during this uncertain time.