What "Safer At Home" Means for Recreation in Colorado

“You can make the sacrifice of going to your second or third favorite park." -Gov. Jared Polis

Paul, J. (2020, April 28). You’re not supposed to travel more than 10 miles for outdoor recreation during Colorado’s safer-at-home phase. The Colorado Sun. Retrieved From

Confused by what the "Safer at Home" Order means for your outdoor recreation? This article may be able to help. In the past couple days, Colorado has begun lifting restrictions and move into the second phase of statewide public health orders in the wake of COVID-19. The new phase no longer mandates people to stay home, but strongly encourages it. It also allows for certain non-essential businesses to re-open with strict social distancing protocols. Although other public health orders are being lifted, there seems to be more stringent regulations on recreation. The new "Safer at Home" Order outlines outdoor exercise and recreation to within your community or no more than 10 miles from your home. This contrasts from "Stay at Home" in that there was not any specific recreation guidelines under the previous order. These regulations are designed to prevent transmission of the virus from one community to the next and protect smaller communities with less resources from significant outbreaks.