World's Longest Trail in Canada Offers 15,000 miles of Recreation

"Open to biking, kayaking and cross-country skiing, this 15,000-mile-trail isn't your run-of-the-mill recreational trail." -Matt Hickman, Treehugger Magazine

Hickman, M. (2019, July 26). Canada Opens World's Longest Hiking Trail That Stretches Coast to Coast. Treehugger Magazine. Retrieved From

Trails can be a powerful tool for camaraderie and togetherness amongst people and communities. They offer numerous opportunities to get outside with others whether by foot, bike, boats, or motorized vehicles. Now Canada has connected 15,000 miles of trail systems together to form what is referred to as the "Great Trail". The Great Trail is not just one trail but over 400 individual trails connected to bring people together coast to coast in the great nation to our north. Although mostly promoted as an extremely large, interconnected cycling route, there are sections that are only passable via foot or even kayak. The article posted above details that nearly 26% of the 15,000 miles are strictly waterway trails. The Great Trail project is largely considered the largest collaborative volunteer effort in the history of the country. Volunteers, conservation groups, municipalities, and various governments have collaborated nearly endlessly over the past 25 years to make this trail happen. We can all learn from the Great Trail and the collaboration that it took to happen.