Your Guide to Hiking with Kids

"Even though my boys are mostly thrilled when we’re actually out walking, more often than not, the mention of a hike elicits groans, whining, and protests. Here’s what works for me to get the kids on the trail and make it as enjoyable as possible once we’re out." -Rachel Walker, Outside Magazine

Walker, R. (2019, April 22). How to Hike with Kids? 9 Tricks from an Outdoor Mom. Outside Magazine. Retrieved From

Getting kids to love trails and hiking as much as you do may sound like a daunting task. The idea of hiking is usually met with a protest and intense negotiation. But the activity within itself provides numerous positive benefits to mental and physical health. Fostering a love for hiking at a young age can lead to a lifetime of physical exercise and happiness. So how do you get kids to love hiking? This article may provide some insight. Highlighted are numerous tips and tricks to get kids to love the trails as much as we all do.