Your Guide to Outdoor Activity During COVID-19

"With ski resorts closed, the Colorado Sun reports that more Coloradans are taking to the backcountry to ski, facing increased risks. Especially if that new crowd includes skiers without essential gear and training, it could place an additional burden on emergency services and hospitals." -Ula Chrobak, Popular Science

Chrobak, U. (2020, March 25). A guide to safe outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic. Popular Science. Retrieved from

Your guide to acceptable outdoor activities during the Coronavirus Pandemic. In many places, outdoor activities are allowed, even encouraged, but there are specific guidelines on how to perform them safely. It is important to research these guidelines based on the recommendation of your local public health services. While participating in outdoor activities it is critical that you engage in only low-risk activities. Yes, that means avoiding activities such as backcountry skiing. What it does mean is that you can walk, hike, bike, snowshoe, and nordic ski...... But at a distance!