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Mid-Season Snow Totals Soar Past Average 01-24-2023

"Steamboat Resort has reported that their seasonal snowfall total has jumped to 263 inches as of January 22, soaring past the seasonal total for all of last winter." -Tamera Twitty (OutThere ... Learn More >

Megafires and Their Effect on Thru-Hiking 11-17-2022

"As the fires worsen, we have to wonder the unthinkable: Thru-hiking in the western US might not be viable in the long term. " -Maggie Slepian (Backpacker Magazine)Slepian, M. (2021, July 14). Can ... Learn More >

Trail Filter Features - What Are They and What is the Purpose? 04-13-2022

“A trail filter, sometimes referred to as a gateway or qualifier, is a high-skill-level, low-consequence obstacle that demonstrates the difficulty of the upcoming trail or trail feature.” -Matt ... Learn More >

Expanding Recreation and Wildlife Impacts: Where do we Draw the Line? 04-06-2022

“(That’s) why wildlife disappears. What takes courage, conviction and forward-thinking vision is consciously choosing not to blaze a trail out of respect for animals that have limited home ... Learn More >

Bike Crashes are on the Rise and E-Bikes are Partly to Blame 03-31-2022

"Pitkin County Open Space and Trails rangers have reported 110 bike and e-bike crashes on OST properties since 2016. Twenty-six of those involved e-bikes, according to an analysis by Aspen ... Learn More >

Increased Trail Congestion Largely Due to Locals, Not Visitors 03-30-2022

"In 2020, permanent trail counters were installed and the data collected shows that use by residents has increased while visitation from nonlocals has decreased, according to Matt Wagoner, Basin Rec ... Learn More >

Dispersed Camping and Overcrowding Taking its Toll on Public Lands 02-15-2022

"Local public lands volunteer groups documented more than 2,800 dispersed camping sites that generated more than a ton and a half of garbage, the report found. More than 550 sites were contaminated ... Learn More >

Conservation-Based Non-Profits are Critical to the Preservation of our Public Lands 12-31-2021

"The US Forest Service (USFS) just couldn’t keep up with the ever-increasing demand, so in 2017, CBMBA stepped in beyond bikes. After officially adding “conservation” to their mandate, an ... Learn More >

Colorado Ranch is Transforming the Concept of Environmental Ranching 12-09-2021

"From getting the folks at Audubon to certify the ranch as bird-friendly, to selling carbon sequestration credits for the tall grass, the May Ranch near Lamar is modernizing stewardship." -Michael ... Learn More >

Colorado Wildfire Investigation Falls Behind All Other Western States 12-02-2021

"Investigators determined what created the initial spark in fewer than half of the large, human-caused fires in Colorado between 2000 and 2018 — the worst rate of any western state... At every ... Learn More >

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Trails 04-06-2021

"The impact of the pandemic on trails has, we know, affected funding, volunteer hours, projects, income, maintenance and so much more." -Galeo Saintz, World Trails NetworkSaintz, G. (2021, March ... Learn More >

These Colorado Hikes Are Anything But a Walk in the Woods 03-30-2021

"In 2014, the outdoor recreation publication released their unranked list featuring hikes around the globe, including the hike to the Longs Peak summit, highlighting the dangers of the Keyhole ... Learn More >

Colorado Avalanche Deaths Surpasses a Grim Tally 03-27-2021

"The U.S. is enduring a deadly backcountry season, with Smith’s death marking the 35th avalanche fatality this season. That tally includes 20 skiers and snowboarders, eight snowmobilers and five ... Learn More >

Colorado Ski Resorts Expect "Business as Usual" Next Winter 03-20-2021

"After a year of refunds, irked skiers, wary workers, low snow, reservations, capacity caps and long lines, it appears the resort industry is about to return to normal." -Jason Blevins, The Colorado ... Learn More >

Lottery Required for Rocky Mountain National Park Backcountry Camping Permits 03-19-2021

"You'll need to win a lottery to camp in the backcountry at one of the most visited national parks in the country – Rocky Mountain National Park." -Breanna Sneeringer, Out There ... Learn More >

Lack of Funding and Increase in Incidents Takes Toll on Search and Rescue Teams 03-16-2021

"Weary after a year of increased calls and grim missions, Colorado's more than 2,800 volunteer backcountry rescuers are hoping lawmakers can find better funding and support." -Jason Blevins, The ... Learn More >

Late Winter Storm Slams Colorado Front Range and Ski Country 03-14-2021

"Colorado Park and Wildlife officials urge those with plans in the outdoors, especially along the Front Range to consider rescheduling plans as the winter storm is expected to drop about 4 feet of ... Learn More >

Advanced Technology Provides Aid to Avalanche Forecasting 03-07-2021

"That’s changing as satellites, aircraft-mounted sensors and ground-based remote monitoring fast-track the evolution of snow science, giving experts comprehensive insight into the uncanny nature ... Learn More >

World's Longest Trail in Canada Offers 15,000 miles of Recreation 02-28-2021

"Open to biking, kayaking and cross-country skiing, this 15,000-mile-trail isn't your run-of-the-mill recreational trail." -Matt Hickman, Treehugger MagazineHickman, M. (2019, July 26). Canada Opens ... Learn More >

Backcountry Deaths Amount on Colorado's Front Range 02-20-2021

"The forecasts warned that the most dangerous slopes were north through east to southeast, where recent winds have built fresh slabs as deep as 3 feet. The new snow is stressing a layer of weak, ... Learn More >

Increased Avalanche Risk in Colorado Spells Trouble for Backcountry Users 02-13-2021

"It doesn’t matter what outdoor activity you enjoy this winter, whether you ski, snowshoe, ice fish, hike, bike or go snowmobiling, it’s important to respect and know trail and area closures ... Learn More >

Safe Practices for Exploring Colorado's Backcountry 01-31-2021

"It’s not enough to have proper avalanche safety gear (beacon, probe, and shovel); you also need to know how to use it. Most important, you need fundamental avalanche awareness and backcountry ... Learn More >

Poor Choices Amount on Berthoud Pass 01-26-2021

"Our mountains are not a city park and *demand* your respect and experience, knowledge, gear, and at least one partner." -Grand County Search and RescueSneeringer, B. (2021, January 25). Errors "too ... Learn More >

Rocky Mountain National Park Unlikely to Require Reservations this Summer 01-24-2021

“We will learn from the temporary timed entry permit system last year and incorporate lessons learned as we move forward with our visitor use management planning efforts." -Kyle Patterson, Rocky ... Learn More >

Colorado Leads Charge for Dark Sky Protections 01-17-2021

"The dark-sky zones that southwestern Colorado leaders are proposing would, all combined, cover more than 3,800 square miles — the largest official area protected from artificial light on the ... Learn More >

It's Not the First Time that People Have Escaped to the Outdoors During a Pandemic 01-11-2021

"It was kind of a new thing for a lot of city dwellers to get up in the national forest. Recreation in the national forest was kind of a new phenomenon." -Jeffer Wingate, San Isabel National ... Learn More >

Outdoor Recreation Boom of 2020 May Lead to More Reservations in the Future 01-09-2021

"Perhaps 2020 was an anomaly, some think. Amid the pandemic, with bars and restaurants and theaters and other city diversions unavailable, and with many Coloradans out of work, the mountains became ... Learn More >

People are Buying Nordic Skis like Never Before 01-03-2021

"The coronavirus pandemic has created conditions in which people suddenly realize the appeal of being outside in the forest, on a solitary groomed trail, getting a phenomenal workout while enjoying ... Learn More >

The Philosophy Behind Colorado's Tragic Early-Season Avalanches 12-29-2020

"We go out in March and ski an avalanche path. It doesn’t avalanche. We’re positively rewarded all month. Then we head out the following December and it slides, possibly with lethal outcomes. ... Learn More >

Nordic Ski Season has Begun 11-27-2020

"Sometimes we have enough snow in October and sometimes, like this year, it is almost Thanksgiving until we get sufficient snow to pack." -Diana Lynn Rau, Sky-Hi NewsLynn Rau, D. (2020, November ... Learn More >

Avoid the Crowds by Visiting These 15 Beautiful National Parks 11-16-2020

"While the country’s least-visited parks can take a bit more planning to reach, they offer incredible experiences to all those who make the trek." -Talia Avakian, Travel+LeisureAvakian, T. (2020, ... Learn More >

East Troublesome Fire Like Nothing We've Ever Seen 11-03-2020

"Within two hours, the East Troublesome blaze had turned from a docile foe into an unstoppable force, prompting evacuations over an area so large that authorities thought it would take hours to get ... Learn More >

Colorado's Historic Wildfire Season and The Pine Beetle 10-29-2020

"Three of the largest wildfires on record in the state have burned this year, and they’ve preyed on forests hard-hit by beetle infestations." -Justine Calma, The VergeCalma, J. (2020, October 27). ... Learn More >

Snow Blankets Fire Weary Grand County 10-26-2020

"Winter weather effectively pushed pause on growth of the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires Saturday afternoon, providing welcome relief to firefighters and thousands of evacuated mountain ... Learn More >

Cameron Peak Fire Causes Closure of Trail Ridge Road 09-07-2020

"In closing the road, park officials cited Red Flag Warnings, hot and dry weather conditions, and active fire behavior as their primary reasons. The fire, which has burned over 34,289 acres, is also ... Learn More >

Fall Foliage is Upon Us 08-31-2020

"But no need to drastically alter your annual pilgrimage plans: West expects displays to be at their brightest in mid- to late-September in the north-central part of the state, as usual, with the ... Learn More >

Your Guide to Hiking with Kids 08-25-2020

"Even though my boys are mostly thrilled when we’re actually out walking, more often than not, the mention of a hike elicits groans, whining, and protests. Here’s what works for me to get ... Learn More >

Outdoor Recreation Has Spiked Amid Coronavirus 08-04-2020

"The outdoor industry is one of the few businesses that seems to be doing just as well as it has in previous summers, if not better, due to piqued interest in outdoor recreation amid the COVID-19 ... Learn More >

The Written and Un-Written Etiquette of Mountain Biking 07-07-2020

"It’s kind of nice to know that no matter where you ride your bike on the planet, you already have a shared understanding with your fellow riders." -Sandra Walter, Liv RacingWalter, S. (2020, July ... Learn More >

Memorial Day Weekend will not be Business as Usual for Outdoor Enthusiasts 05-22-2020

"This year's Memorial Day weekend is different, with COVID-19 restrictions still lingering in many places, even while businesses and governments try to find a path back to normalcy." -Bob Falcone, ... Learn More >

101 of the Most Beautiful Hikes in Colorado Gives us Quite the Summer Bucket List 05-20-2020

"Our great state is home to arguably some of the most spectacular and diverse hikes in the country, and is a big part of summer weekends for Coloradans all across the state." -Sarah Stapley, 303 ... Learn More >

Grand Developed Recreation Sites to Re-Open in Early June 05-18-2020

"Officials at the US Forest Service announced they would begin reopening some developed recreation sites in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Medicine-Bow Routt National Forests after ... Learn More >

Rocky Mountain National Park Announces Plans to Re-Open 05-14-2020

"Rocky Mountain National Park officials plan to increase recreational access and services beginning May 27 as part of a phased reopening that will come more than two months after the park was shut ... Learn More >

Camping Begins to Re-Open in Colorado 05-14-2020

“We know Coloradans have been anxious to get back to extended stays in our beautiful state parks, but it’s important to be able to open camping safely.” -Gov. Jared PolisStaff, W. (2020, May ... Learn More >

Great American Outdoors Act Ensures Public Lands Access in Grand County 05-11-2020

"The fund ensures access to public lands, provides funds for maintenance and has helped create many neighborhood parks and trails right here in Grand County." -Kirk Klancke, Colorado River ... Learn More >

Fire Bans in Colorado Designed to Keep EMS Focused on COVID-19 Response 05-08-2020

"The exact scenario that federal land managers aimed to prevent by enacting a fire ban this spring unfolded anyway this week when a fire broke out about 11 miles southwest of Carbondale." -Scott ... Learn More >

Outdoor Recreation in Colorado - What's Open & Closed 05-06-2020

"Most Coloradans have to wait a little longer before adventuring into the mountains again. While much of the state remains open for outdoor recreation, the mountain towns and other spots are likely ... Learn More >

Rattlesnake Season Gives Us Yet Another Reason to Stay on the Trail 05-04-2020

"You might see them on trails, most likely stretched across the trail to soak up warmth. It's likely they're in grasses and other vegetation beside a trail, a good reason to stay on the beaten ... Learn More >

Impacts of Social Distancing on Trails 05-01-2020

"Park officials in a number of Colorado counties are urging visitors to stay on trails, citing damage to natural resources." -Evan Kruegel, FOX31 NewsKruegel, E. (2020, April 30). Rangers say social ... Learn More >

What "Safer At Home" Means for Recreation in Colorado 04-29-2020

“You can make the sacrifice of going to your second or third favorite park." -Gov. Jared PolisPaul, J. (2020, April 28). You’re not supposed to travel more than 10 miles for outdoor recreation ... Learn More >

COTREX is Your Answer to Trail Closures Amid COVID-19 04-24-2020

"CPW has been tracking changes and updating the app to keep it as up-to-date as possible. It’s in the process of “handing over the keys” to land managers via a dashboard they can use to input ... Learn More >

10 Reasons to Love Grand County on Earth Day 04-22-2020 On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we have been inspired by this OutThere Colorado article. ... Learn More >

Earth Day is Just One Reminder to Take Care of Our Planet 04-22-2020

"There is a growing body of research demonstrating the mental and physical health benefits of spending time in nature. In Colorado, our public lands are a place where we can go to improve our health ... Learn More >

Colorado Recreation Closures Begin Taking Place 04-20-2020

"Coloradans are urged to stay in their own community and not travel for recreation or to get outside." -Matt Kroschel, CBS4 NewsKroschel, M. (2020, April 19). Colorado Trail & Skiing Parking ... Learn More >

Your Guide to Outdoor Activity During COVID-19 04-16-2020

"With ski resorts closed, the Colorado Sun reports that more Coloradans are taking to the backcountry to ski, facing increased risks. Especially if that new crowd includes skiers without ... Learn More >

Grand Lake Osprey Cam 04-13-2020

One of our wonderful HTA volunteers has set up a webcam on an Osprey nest in Grand Lake. This nest has been set up for a few years now and every year the same male and female pair return to raise ... Learn More >

Want to Get into Backcountry Skiing... Now Is Not the Time. 04-09-2020

"With resorts closed because of COVID-19, an unprecedented number of skiers are swapping their downhill gear for an alpine touring setup. And that's a problem." -Adam Roy, Backpacker MagazineRoy, A. ... Learn More >

Impact of COVID-19 on Trails 04-08-2020

"As the snow melts and the novel coronavirus lingers, getting out on the mountain bike trails will become difficult to pass up. And while local officials are encouraging people to get outside and ... Learn More >

Strategic Master Trails Plan 04-12-2019

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HTA Student Intern Application 04-12-2019

Click Download for PDF HTA Intern ... Learn More >

Stewardship Ambassador Training 06-02-2022

Join Headwaters Trails Alliance for our first Stewardship Ambassador Training of the season. Come learn about this successful program and how you can become an Ambassador of Grand County! ... Learn More >