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Help keep the trails sustainable for yourself and others. If you are leaving a track, turn back!

Riding or hiking on a muddy trail causes significant damage to the tread. This damage leads to long-term issues involving erosion, improper drainage, and an overall unpleasant riding experience. A muddy trail is a closed trail.

During spring and fall, this issue is especially prevalent during freeze-thaw cycles, warming temperatures, and precipitation. If the trail is muddy, please consider other options and allow time for trails to dry out.

To assist our efforts in maintaining these trails please consider volunteering with us.

Please follow trail etiquette and follow use regulations on all trails!

Ride on open trails only – respect trail closures including seasonal or short-term closures. Remember that the USFS and BLM are regulating bicycle usage to designated routes only. Please remember to stay on signed designated routes to avoid any tickets or monetary penalties. 

  • Do not pass off the trail, yield to other users.
  • Never ride in designated Wilderness areas, which are closed to bikes and mechanized use.
  • Don’t skid.
  • Don’t ride muddy trails.
  • Don’t ride around water on trails to protect vegetation
  • Stay on existing trails.
  • Don’t shortcut switchbacks.
  • Please remember to always practice “Leave No Trace” ethics. (There is no such thing as trash fairies).


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