Grand County Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

TRAIL REPORT (11/23/2022)

It's Transition Season. Start getting those skis ready!

Cold and dry lately with more snow moving in around Thanksgiving.

NORDIC SKIING is looking pretty good at higher elevations and on Jim Creek, King Creek, Tunnel Hill, Vasquez/Blue Sky, Chainsaw, and Deadhorse.

GROOMING: The Fraser River Trail from Old Town to Beavers has been packed. Snow is thin!

SNOWMOBILES: Please remember that use of USFS or BLM roads is not permitted until there is 6" on these surfaces. Off-road use requires 12".

USFS GATES closed on November 17.

GRANBY RANCH conservation easement gates will be closing on November 15th to protect winter wildlife habitat. This affects Hallett's Peak and Fraser to Granby Trail from Ten Mile Dr to Mtn. View Dr (below the gazebo).

FIRE RECOVERY UPDATES: The East Troublesome and Williams Fork Fires have created unprecedented times in our county. The Grand Lake area as well as US Hwy 125 is still in the post-fire recovery state. Please be sure to visit: to see if the area you would like to visit has reopened.


Check out Colorado Trail Explorer or COTREX, the mobile and desktop application for a statewide comprehensive and interactive trail map. 

To view trails in Grand County click HERE.

Please follow trail etiquette and follow use regulations on all trails!

· Ride on open trails only – respect trail closures including seasonal or short-term closures. Remember that the USFS and BLM are regulating bicycle usage to designated routes only. Please remember to stay on signed designated routes to avoid any tickets or monetary penalties. 

· Do not pass off the trail, yield to other users. 

· Never ride in designated Wilderness areas, which are closed to bikes and mechanized use.
· Don’t skid.
· Don’t ride muddy trails.
· Don’t ride around water on trails to protect vegetation
· Stay on existing trails.
· Don’t shortcut switchbacks.
·Please remember to always practice “Leave No Trace” ethics. (There is no such thing as trash fairies).