Grand County Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Looking to get out on the trails? Be sure to check out the map below first, in order to make sure you’re prepared, no matter what the trails conditions are like! Happy trailing!

Please follow trail etiquette when on paved and natural surface trails and be sure to follow use regulations.
Please be conscious of what trails motorized and/or mechanized vehicles are prohibited on.

· Ride on open trails only – respect trail closures including seasonal or short-term closures.
· Do not pass off the trail, yield to other users.
· Never ride in designated Wilderness areas, which are closed to bikes.
· Don’t skid.
· Don’t ride muddy trails.
· Don’t ride around water bars – erosion is a trail’s worst enemy.
· Stay on existing trails.
· Don’t shortcut switchbacks.
· “Leave No Trace” (energy bar wrappers, punctured tubes, etc.).

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